Please look in your child's folder daily for any unfinished work or practice sheets for homework.

I would like to thank everyone for their feedback concerning homework.  

   *Please continue to read with your child daily for at least 20 minutes


*Practice Cold/Hot Reads

*Practice math fact fluency

*Practice trick words/sample words for spelling

Cold/Hot Reads 

  • Students will read with a volunteer on Monday and earn a score.  
  • Passage will go home on Monday for the student to practice daily with a grown-up.
  • Student will read on Friday with a parent volunteer for a second score.

Reading fluency is directly linked to reading comprehension.

Target Learning- I can read a passage fluently with expression.  

Read Daily with a Grown Up

20 minutes or more

  • make predictions   
  • clarify words you do not know the meaning of
  • ask and answer questions while reading
  • summarize what you have read

Math - Practice Math Fact Fluency within 20

  • flash cards
  • dice games
  • board games
  • card games