Week of January 21st
3 Weeks to complete

In a Nutshell:

  • Open Syllable type
  • y as a vowel
  • Combining open syllables with closed and vowel-consonant syllables
  • Additional syllable division rules
  • y, ly, ty suffixes

Trick Words:

Week 1
eight, large, change

Week 2
city, every, family

Week 3

night, carry, something

Sample Words:

no, music, relate, cry, baby, chilly

Review Trick Words(K, 1, and 2)

full, pull, talk, walk, done, goes, pretty, again, please, animal, use, used, the, a, and is, his, of, as, has,
to, into, we, he, she, be, me, for, or, you, your, I, they, was, one, said, from, have, do, does, were, are, who, what, when,  where, there, here, why, by, my try,  put, two, too, very, also, some, come, would, could, should,  her, over, number, say, says,  see, between, each,  any, many, how, now, down, out, about, our, friend, other, another, non, nothing, people, month, little, been, own, want, Mr. Mrs., work, word, write, being, their, first, look, good, new,  water, called, day, may, way, said, they, goes, where, often, only, right, together

Reading Street 

Week of January 21st- 

xxxQuestion of theWeek
How can creative thinking solve a problem?

Comprehension Skill
Compare and Contrast

Comprehension Strategy

Compound Words

High-Frequency Words
been, believe, caught, finally, today, tomorrow, whatever


Narrative Poem

Verbs for Past, Present, and Future