Arrival & Dismissal

Welcome to the Williams Elementary Arrival and Dismissal Plan

Safety First!


8:15 – 8:30 Breakfast arrivals at the café door on the side circle driveway.

8:30 - All other students arrive. There is no supervision prior to 8:30.

8:35 – Bell rings to enter the building.

8:45 – Marks Tardy. All students must be in their class BY 8:45.

Kindergarten and First Grade line up on front sidewalk.

Grades, 2, 3, and 4 line up on basketball court.

Grade 5 lines up on front sidewalk to the right of the library.

PLEASE refrain from parking in the school parking lot, as staff needs to be able to access the lot.

Handicapped spaces are reserved to those that have the right. Do not use them during arrival and dismissal.

DO NOT pass cars during car drop off or pick up.


3:15 Dismissal of Walkers: Walkers are dismissed from 3 separate doors. For those walkers heading towards Doreen Street, Bernard Street, Bushey and Williams Street, we will be exiting from the two cafeteria doors. One door is on the Doreen Street side towards the back of the building and the other is at the circle exit. We will call these doors, Doreen Exit and Williams Exit. Parents waiting to meet their children for the Williams exit please wait at the baseball diamond crosswalk and the children will be delivered to you.

Walkers heading towards the front of the school, Bushey, Alba Ave, Paula Ave, and Jayne Ave, will exit through the main entrance doors. If you meet your children for this exit, please stand on the sidewalk near the gate. This exit is the Bushey Exit.

The Front SIDEWALK and ENTRANCE is reserved for Williams Students and Staff only. The basketball courts are not open to play until dismissal is over. The front playground is available to children that are supervised by family; otherwise we expect all students and families to be exiting the school grounds at dismissal.

3:17 Car Pick-Ups and Bus Dismissal. Cars are not allowed to enter for car pick-ups until waved into the driveway and all walkers have exited.

Busses will exit through the main entrance.

Car pick-ups will exit through the library door at the main entrance, and students will be called when cars are identified. If you need to buckle your child in, please pull up along the front parking to do so.

Please DO NOT pass cars during car pick-up unless directed by staff.

Same plan for half-day dismissals at 11:35. There is a map on the reverse side.

Please fill out bottom portion of this slip (see below, section under dotted line) and return to school:

My child _____________________________________

Will be a car pick-up__________(name tags will be sent home to display for dismissal)

Will be a Doreen Exit__________

Will be a Williams Exit_________

Will be a Bushey Exit__________

Thank you for your help and please be patient as this is new and our new K’s will join this dismissal on Sept. 19th.

YMCA arrival and dismissals:

Please call the Williams YMCA cell phone: 841-6271 for entrance into the building.
All doors will remain locked.

General Policies:

All Visitors and Volunteers must report to the office, sign in, and use hand wipes. There is a sign-in sheet for Dismissals, Tardies, and Visitors.

If you are dismissing from the Health office (Nurse Carey has called you) we will first alert Nurse Carey that you are here to dismiss your child.

If your child is Tardy (unless your child is in their classroom ready to learn by 8:45: they will be marked tardy otherwise), you must come to the office and sign them in. Parking is available in the front side lot.

We will not be allowing families to go to classrooms to deliver or dismiss their child from class. Depending on their age, children will be escorted to class. Classrooms will be called to alert them of your child’s arrival. For dismissals, they will be called to the office.

We will NO longer be calling home for forgotten sneakers, or homework. We need to reduce the interruptions to classroom learning. Appointments can be made (in advance) if you request to meet with your child’s teacher.

Until and unless Williams’ staff and faculty identify you, please be prepared to show ID when signing in. If you have made alternate dismissal plans for your child, the office must have a note or a phone call with the details.

We discourage calling for a dismissal. The office is extremely busy and the classrooms are as well. Written notes are the most effective communication for this. If there is an emergency dismissal, Make all calls to the office prior to 2:45.

Supervised Breakfast opens at 8:15.
General Supervision begins at 8:30.
Bell rings to enter at 8:35.
Tardy is marked at 8:40.
Dismissal is 3:15 full days and 11:35 half days.

Also as a safety precaution, we ask that you NOT drive to the front of the school from the second parking lot, when late in dropping off students for arrival.

We have noticed an increase in early dismissals from school. Dismissals and tardies are part of your child’s attendance record as well as the school report card. Also, the office is extremely busy and we cannot take phone calls for early dismissals or any other alternate plans for dismissals (unless an emergency) after 2:45.
There has also been an increase in bus reports due to students standing and shouting on the bus. Please review bus safety conduct with your child.

I appreciate your help.

Lastly, if your child needs to have a cell phone at school, for after-school purposes only, please send me a note indicating that you are requesting this. I understand the need can be there, but I have a responsibility to make sure you as parent are aware. Thank you.

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