Monthly Math Units

                       Math Units

Black Chalk Board.pngSeptember Units of StudyBack To School.png
Topics: Number and operations in base ten
Multiplication Facts
Place Value (millions to thousandths)
Expanded Notation using multiplication
Add/Subtract/Multiplying/Dividing with whole numbers and decimals
Estimating whole numbers and decimals

Illustration Of Colorful Autumn Leaves.png      Fall Units of Study     Thanksgiving Turkey.png
Topics:Numbers and operations fractions
Simplest form
SLIDE METHOD-Finding greatest common factor and least common multiple
Adding/subtracting fractions with unlike denominators
Multiplying fractions and mixed numbers
Dividing whole numbers by unit fractions and unit fractions by whole numbers

Illustration Of A Snowman.png Winter Units of Study Snowflake.png
Topics:Operations and Algebraic thinking
Continue with factions
Algebraic expressions/equations
Orders of operations
Coordinate grid
Patterns & relationships with tables

Illustration Of The Sun With Clouds.png   Spring Units of StudyKid Flying Kite.png
Topics:Measurement and Data, Geometry & Yearly Review
Properties of Quadrilaterals

Converting in the metric and customary system