In this unit students will recognize attributes of triangles,quadrilaterals, and other polygons. They will decompose polygons into triangles and compose polygons from triangles. Students will recognize perimeter and area as attributes of plane figures and find ways to measure both attributes. They will investigate the relationship between perimeter and area and will solve real word problems involving area,perimeter, and unknown side lengths.

                                Polygons, Perimeter, and Area

* Triangles 
* Parallelograms, Rectangles, Squares, and Rhombuses
* Draw Quadrilaterals
* Classify Quadrilaterals
* Perimeter and Area
* Side Lengths with Area and Perimeter
* Compare Areas and Perimeters
* Area of Rectilinear Figures
* Solve Perimeter and Area Problems
* Tangram Shapes and Area

measures the inside of shapes.
                                Area - Inside - Multiply

                     Perimeter measures the outside of shapes.
                               Perimeter - Outside - Add

                                      Perimeter Song
                        (To the tune of Farmer and the Dell)

                                Perimeter is Around!
                                Perimeter is Around!
                Oh no, don't you know, the Perimeter is Around!

                               You add up all the Sides!
                               You add up all the Sides!
               Oh no, don't you know, you add up all the sides!