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October 2015

We are off to a great start in the science room this year!

The 5th graders are thinking like scientists. They are learning about the Scientific Method and applying it to hands-on laboratory situations. They are finding out that even when results don’t work out that data is still valuable.
The 4th grade has started their adventures with the Land and Water Unit. We have discussed The Water Cycle and how and where we get our water. We are also observing the differences between sand, gravel, clay and humus.
The 3rd graders have started the Chemical Unknowns Testing Unit. The classroom safety rules are very important here. They will see these practices followed in every science class throughout their entire school careers.
The Balancing and Weighing Unit is underway in 2nd grade. They have made their own balances, worked with beams and fulcrums and made mobiles.
1st graders have been working with rulers. They have been measuring themselves, items in our room and observing and comparing themselves to their neighbors in their Comparing and Measuring Unit.
And the kindergarteners have been exploring Life Cycles of all types. They will soon begin the Solids and Liquids Unit.

That’s all the news for now...we’ll keep you posted!

Mrs. Burdick and the WES-CES Scientists!